So you’re thinking of traveling to the archipelagic country in the Indian Ocean and wondering, “How long does it take to get to the Maldives?” or “How long is the flight to the Maldives?”

Get a quick answer based on your location right now:

After all, there are many reasons to visit the Maldives, right? So, I have made a table with a flight time to the Maldives for each major destination.

Pro Tip: Explore these destinations to combine with the Maldives tour. And don’t forget to book the flight for multiple cities.

How Long is the Flight to the Maldives From Your Country (Table)

There are usually no direct flights between the Maldives and other countries. However, a few direct flight airlines from the US, India, Sri Lanka, and UAE may exist.

The table helps you know the direct-flight time to the Maldives from other countries. I didn’t count the layovers because they vary depending on your departing destination and airline. 

Your CountryFlight Time to MaldivesDistance
US20-25 hours9269 miles
UK10-11 hours5511 miles
India4-5 hours1261 miles
Dubai, UAE4 hours1931 miles
Pakistan6-7 hours1893 miles
Sri Lanka2 hours610 miles
Bangladesh4-5 hours1818 miles
Singapore4 hours, 25 minutes2115 miles
Russia9-31 hours4358 miles
China7 hours2997 miles
Switzerland9 hours, 30 minutes4885 miles
Thailand (Bangkok)5 hours2079 miles
Turkey8-9 hours3430 miles
Malaysia4 hours, 30 minutes1982 miles
Japan9 hours, 17 minutes4700 miles
Indonesia 5-6 hours2822 miles
Kazakhstan6-7 hours3117 miles
Germany10 hours4883 miles
Belgium11 hours5119 miles
Saudi Arabia5-6 hours2357 miles
Egypt6-7 hours3239 miles
Lithuania15 hours4511 miles
Chile19 hours9254 miles
Know Exact Flight Time

The best way to know the flight duration from your country to the Maldives is to visit an airline’s website. I have made this table to give you a rough idea of your flying time to the Maldives.

Most flights to this country go through Hulhule’s Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, the Maldives, or Velana International Airport. This airport links with many destinations from Asia, Europe, the US, and Australia through several airlines.

The average flight time to Male, Maldives from the US is 20 hours, Europe is 10 hours, Asia is 6 hours, and Australia is 16 hours.

Again, these are just estimates. The airline you fly to the Maldives will give the exact time. Or you can use this search form:

How Long is Flight to Maldives from the US?

The average duration of the flight to the Maldives from the United States is 20 to 25 hours with one or more layovers. But the exact flight time depends on the city you’re traveling from.

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This table will help you get the estimates for that. Note that the time for layovers isn’t included!

(From) City/State in the USFlight Time to the Maldives
New York City, NY18 hours, 29 minutes
California20 hours, 12 minutes
Boston, Massachusetts18 hours, 6 minutes
Lost Angeles, CA (LAX)20 hours, 32 minutes
Charlotte, NC19 hours, 33 minutes
Houston, TX21 hours, 5 minutes
Saint Louis, MO19 hours, 43 minutes
Ohio19 hours, 7 minutes
Miami, FL20 hours, 20 minutes
Atlanta, GA19 hours, 57 minutes
Chicago, IL19 hours, 12 minutes
Philadelphia, PA18 hours, 39 minutes
Dallas, TX20 hours, 45 minutes
Washington, DC18 hours, 53 minutes
Florida20 hours, 22 minutes
Hawaii18 hours
Richmond, VA18 hours, 31 minutes
New Jersey17 hours 26 minutes
Detroit, MI18 hours, 54 minutes
Orlando, FL20 hours, 16 minutes
Know Exact Flight Time

How Many Hours is the Flight to the Maldives from the UK?

The typical flight between the UK and Maldives is approximately 10 hours. But most Maldives flights have layovers, so they take 12 to 13 hours or more.

Look at this table for the direct-flight duration to the Maldives from the UK’s top cities. 

(From) City in the UKFlight Duration to the Maldives
London, England 10-11 hours
Manchester, England11 hours, 48 minutes
Birmingham, England11 hours, 45 minutes
Belfast, Ireland11 hours 9 minutes
Edinburgh, Scotland10 hours 58 minutes
Bristol, England10 hours 49 minutes
Glasgow, Scotland12 hours
Know Exact Flight Time

How Long Is the Flight to the Maldives From Europe

Direct flights from Europe to the Maldives may take 10 to 12 hours. But the connecting flights may take over 15 hours or more, depending on your chosen airline.

Also, explore these amazing places like the Maldives in Europe.

The table helps you know the duration of the direct flights to the Maldives. 

(From) City in EuropeTime to Get to the Maldives
Paris, France11 hours, 16 minutes
Amsterdam, Netherlands11 hours, 11 minutes
Frankfurt, Germany10 hours, 17 minutes
Munich, Germany10 hours, 26 minutes
Berlin, Germany10 hours, 32 minutes
Lisbon, Portugal12 hours, 9 minutes
Oslo, Norway11 hours, 9 minutes
Athens, Greece8 hours, 43 minutes
Vienna, Austria9 hours, 33 minutes
Copenhagen, Denmark10 hours, 46 minutes
Milan, Italy10 hours, 31 minutes
Venice, Italy9 hours 19 minutes
Stockholm, Sweden10 hours, 39 minutes
Rome10 hours
Geneva, Switzerland9 hours 54 minutes
Warsaw, Poland9 hours, 25 minutes
Budapest, Hungary8 hours 51 minutes
Prague, Czech Republic9 hours 22 minutes
Brussels, Belgium11 hours, 10 minutes
Valencia, Spain10 hours, 51 minutes
Riga, Latvia10 hours, 20 minutes
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg10-15 hours
Know Exact Flight Time

How Long is the Flight to the Maldives From India

Depending on the departure city, an average direct flight to the Maldives from India takes about 11 hours or more. Most tourists travel from New Delhi to Male, and a direct flight is about 4-5 hours

But it may vary a lot when you include the layovers.

For example, Emirates takes you from New Delhi to Dubai in almost 4 hours. And then it takes you from Dubai to Male in 4 hours. That’s about 8 hours of flight time, excluding the connection duration. 

Does it make sense?

If you’re on a budget, you can also visit the top 11 Indian islands that resemble the Maldives.

Look at the table for direct flights from Indian cities to Male, Maldives.

Major Cities in IndiaFlight Time to the Maldives
New Delhi, Delhi4 hours, 34 minutes
Mumbai, Maharashtra2 hours 57 minutes
Bengaluru, Karnataka1 hour 55 minutes
Hyderabad, Telangana3 hours, 5 minutes
Kolkata, West Bengal4 hours 20 minutes
Chennai, Tamil Nadu3 hours, 20 minutes
Ahmedabad, Gujarat3 hours 38 minutes
Dabolim, Goa10 hours, 30 minutes
Patna, Bihar6 hours, 9 minutes
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh6 hours, 40 minutes
Bangalore2-3 hours
Know Exact Flight Time

Things to Consider: How Long Does It Take to Get to the Maldives

The trip begins when you leave your home to travel. Layovers, connecting cities, and many other things determine the duration of your journey.

But most online resources give you the average flight duration between two destinations.

For example, the flight duration from Islamabad to Male is 5 hours, according to the online flight time calculator, TravelMath

But that’s wrong in the real world. The time to reach one destination to another depends on these things:

  • The airline’s schedule
  • Connecting flight
  • Layover or airport wait times
  • Average flight speed
  • Airport runway
  • Plane flying speed
  • Weather delays
  • Flight direction
  • International route
  • Take off and landing
  • Actual flying time
  • And the destinations, of course

I traveled from Islamabad to Male with Emirates. The journey consisted of two flights; one from Islamabad to Dubai and one from Dubai to Male.

The first flight started at 3:15 am at Islamabad International Airport and ended at 5:45 am at Dubai International Airport.

Abdol Rauf Layover at Dubai International Airport for the Maldives
My kid slept during the layover at DXB 🙂

After a layover of 4 hours, I, along with my family, flew at 9:40 am from Dubai and landed at 2:50 pm at Velana International Airport of Maldives.

The first flight was 3 hours and 30 minutes, while the second was almost 4 hours. So it makes 7 hours and 30 minutes flight duration for me.

But it becomes 11 hours and 30 minutes if I include the layover time.

How to Know the Flight Duration to the Maldives or Any Country?

To know the exact flight time to get to the Maldives, you need to check with the airline of your choice. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to the website of an airline
  2. Jump on the ‘Book a Flight’ section.
  3. Enter ‘From’ and ‘To’ destinations.
  4. Choose a ‘return’ trip (if you wanna get back).
  5. Select dates (expected dates even if you haven’t decided yet).

After a few moments, you’ll know almost the exact flight time from your country to the Maldives. You’ll also discover if you have any layovers.

Let me do this with WayAway. For example, if I want to travel from New York to Male, I’ll enter the arrival & departure cities and the date to search for flights. You can use this form:

Let me do this with Qatar Airways. For example, I want to fly from JFK, New York, to Male, Maldives. I’ll go to the website of Qatar Airways, enter the relevant information as given below, and click on ‘Show flights.’

After a few seconds, I’ll view a page like this.

How long is the flight to theh maldives from New York on Qatar Airways
Flight Duration from NY, US to Male, Maldives

As you can see, the flight from NYC, US, to Male, Maldives, is 18 hours and 35 minutes with one stop.

And that information is correct for now and for Qatar Airways. Different airlines may have different flight duration and stop.

So, how long does it take to get to the Maldives? You need to check this from the airline and don’t necessarily have to book a flight.

By the way, here’s how to calculate flight time across different time zones. Now is the time for your frequently asked queries. Let’s get started! 

FAQs: Flight Time to the Maldives

In this section, you’ll get answers to the most frequently asked questions about getting to the Maldives. 

How do I reach the Maldives?

The only way to reach the Maldives is through Male International Airport (MLE). The airport connects to all the major countries in the world.

Look for indirect flights because direct ones are scarce. But you can find the ones with middle and southeast airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Srilankan Airlines. 

Can you fly direct to the Maldives without any layovers?

Usually, direct flights to the Maldives from most destinations are unavailable. But British Airways, Air Canada, Iberia, and Sri Lankan Airlines offer a few direct flights to the Maldives. 

How to get to the Maldives from the US?

The best way to get to the Maldives from the US is through the Emirates because it offers the shortest travel time.

Other Middle East airlines like Qatar Airways also do the same. The trip may take approximately 18 hours with a 1-2 hour stopover in between. 

Also, check out: Maldives FAQs: Straight Answers to Your Questions.

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