Digital nomadism can be an appealing lifestyle choice for many people, allowing you to travel and work simultaneously. For that, you need a special visa; that is the key to your journey!

In this post, you’ll get answers to some of the most common questions like what is a digital nomad visa, aka remote work visa, and more. 

Sounds exciting? Let’s start with Kristin’s explanation:

Who Are Digital Nomads?

Nomads are people who move from place to place in search of new opportunities, experiences, and adventures.

This term describes people who moved around with their entire families and belongings.

Traditional Nomads
Traditional Nomads

But nowadays, the term “nomad” is more often used to describe people who travel alone or in small groups.

And while some nomads do still travel with all their belongings, many more choose to travel light and only take what they need.

Digital nomadism is the nexus of remote working and travel mobility.”

Springer article by I. Hermann and CM Paris

Digital nomads are a specific type of nomads who work remotely. This means they can work from anywhere worldwide, as long as they have an internet connection.

Abdol Rauf Working in Maldives
Me Posing to Be Working in the Maldives :p

Usually, they are freelancers, bloggers, vloggers, online business owners, and more. Collectively, they are remote workers. More on this later!

Do I Need a Visa to Work Remotely?

The short answer is: it depends. Work visas are typically only necessary if you work in a foreign country for an extended time.

Otherwise, you can work remotely online on a tourist visa without enjoying the residential benefits. But that may or may not be illegal.

Do Digital Nomads Need Work Visas?

Again, this depends on the country you are planning to work in. Some countries, like Estonia, have special visas for digital nomads.

Others, like Thailand, offer another type of long-term visa. However most digital nomads work remotely on a tourist visa, which is usually illegal. 

What is a Digital Nomad Visa: Why Do You Need One?

A digital nomad visa is a special work visa that allows you to live and work remotely in a foreign country for an extended time. These visas are typically valid for one year or more and often allow you to renew them.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa or Remote Work Visa

To become a digital nomad, you must fulfill the visa requirements of the countries you want to move to. The most basic requirement is usually a steady flow of income per month.

With such a visa, you can enjoy residential benefits such as healthcare and social security in a country where you don’t have citizenship.

A digital nomad visa may not be an actual visa type that you can apply for. It’s more of a term used to describe a work visa that would allow you to live and work remotely in a foreign country.

Digital Nomads

Note: You must not be working for the foreign country’s local company.

Digital nomad visas are becoming more common as the popularity of the digital nomad lifestyle grows.

Working from beaches, bars, cafes, and coworking spaces worldwide is no longer a pipe dream; it’s a reality for many people.

For How Long Is the Digital Nomad Visa Valid?

Digital nomad visas are typically valid for one year, and you can renew them. However, some countries may offer valid visas for 6 months to multiple years.

What is a Remote Work Visa?

A remote work visa is a type of work visa that allows you to travel to and work in a foreign country legally. These visas are typically valid for one year or more and often allow you to renew them. They are similar to digital nomad visas.

What is the Difference Between a Digital Nomad and a Remote Worker?

While “digital nomad” and “remote worker” are sometimes used interchangeably, they differ. A remote worker works remotely but is not necessarily a digital nomad. 

A digital nomad is a specific type of remote worker who moves around a foreign country while working, so not all remote workers are digital nomads, but all digital nomads are remote workers.

Is Digital Nomad Legit?

Yes, digital nomadism is a legitimate lifestyle choice. Many people choose to live and work as digital nomads, and many companies cater to digital nomads.

Do Digital Nomads Pay Tax?

The answer to whether digital nomads pay taxes depends on the country they are living and working in. For example, you don’t need to pay taxes with a Dubai digital nomad visa or a Costa Rica digital nomad visa.

How Do Digital Nomad Visas Work?

The government of a country offers a program that gives people the legal right to live and work in that country for a fixed time.

To qualify, digital nomads usually need to show a certain monthly income and have a valid reason for staying in the country.

Countries offer such remote work visas to attract talented workers from all over the world. The idea is that these workers will contribute to the country’s economy.

How to Get a Digital Nomad or Remote Work Visa?

Every country has different visa requirements, and you’ll need to research the requirements of the country you want to move to. But you usually must prepare the documents, fulfill the requirements, and apply for a visa before entering the country.

What are Digital Nomad Visa Requirements?

The requirements for a digital nomad visa vary from country to country. But general visa requirements include:

  • Remote employment contract.
  • Proof of a steady flow of income.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Security background checks.
  • Accommodation contract.
  • Valid passport (for at least 6 months)

That’s just it! But it’s always best to check with the embassy or the immigration department of the country you want to work remotely!

What Are the Top Digital Nomad Visa Jobs?

There are many digital nomad jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world. The most popular ones include:

  • Content writer.
  • Web developer.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Digital marketer.
  • Photographer.
  • Video editor.
  • Programmer.
  • Voice actor.
  • Email marketer.

These are just some of the many digital nomad jobs you can do. If you have any freelance or other services you can deliver remotely, you can find a job as a digital nomad! It should be the first step in your digital nomad journey!

Where Do Digital Nomads Live?

Digital nomads can live anywhere worldwide if they have a good internet connection. But some countries are popular among digital nomads, such as Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Croatia, Estonia, and more.

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Digital nomads can live just like a resident of the country they are living in and rent an apartment or house.

Or they also live in digital nomadic hostels or coliving spaces. And they usually work in their living place, coworking spaces, or cafes.

Which Country is the Best for Digital Nomads?

Every digital nomad has different needs and preferences. Some prefer a skyscraper environment like Dubai, and some prefer greenish and beachy destinations like Bali.

So, the best country for digital nomads depends on their needs and preferences!

However according to Clubmed’s Digital Nomad Index, the country most loved by digital nomads is Thailand. After that, it’s Sri Lanka, Singapore, Bali, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia.

The index is based on 8 factors: cost of living, internet speed, weather, etc.

Which is the Easiest Digital Nomad Visa?

Georgia’s visa is probably the easiest digital nomad visa to get. It doesn’t require a visa run, has a low-income requirement, and has fast visa processing. The cost of living is also low in the country.

And the overall vibes of living there are great!

Can I Work Remotely On a Tourist Visa?

Yes, kind of! Most digital nomads work remotely on a tourist visa. Some countries do allow this if the scope of work is low.

But generally speaking, working remotely on a tourist visa can be illegal. So it’s best to check with the immigration department of the country.

How Many Countries Offer Digital Nomad Visas?

36 countries offer digital nomad visas as of updating this post. These countries may include remote work visas or any other long-term visa that allows digital nomads to work remotely in the country.

What Countries Offer Digital Nomad Visas?

The countries offering digital nomad visas include Malaysia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dubai (UAE), and more.

Digital nomad or remote work visas for Colombia, Bali (Indonesia), Italy, North Macedonia, Thailand, Belize, Serbia, and Montenegro are coming soon!

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