Terms of Use

Terms of Use for TravelingRauf.Com

This page describes the terms and conditions under which you may use our website, TravelingRauf, owned and run by Abdol Rauf, and any associated services or applications (the “Site”).

Please read these terms carefully before accessing or using our website. By accessing or using any part of the Site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

Do not use our website if you do not agree with any part of these terms.

Copyright Notice

All content included on TravelingRauf, such as images, logos, text, graphics, audio clips, video clips and software, is owned or licensed by us and protected by applicable copyright laws.

Compiling all information on this website is the exclusive property of TravelingRauf and its affiliates and is protected by applicable copyright laws.


Unless otherwise stated, we grant you a limited license to access and make personal use of this website by these terms.

This license does not include:

  • Downloading (other than page caching).
  • Modifying it or any portion thereof without express written consent from me.
  • Creating any derivative works based upon either the website or its contents.
  • Collecting account information for orders outside your shopping cart.
  • Using data mining robots to collect information and framing or framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo or other proprietary information.
  • Using any meta tags or other hidden text that utilizes our name; engaging in commercial activities such as contests and promotions.
  • Participating in direct marketing activities such as selling memberships through a third-party provider, except for printing pages from the website for personal non-commercial purposes only if all copyright notices remain intact.

Use Restrictions

You must abide by all applicable local, state, federal and international laws concerning your use of our websites, including, without limitation, those related to data privacy, export control, copyrights, trademarks, patent trade secrets, and security confidentiality, among other topics mentioned herein.

You violate no other person’s rights, privacy, or intellectual property rights when using this website.

You are prohibited from using this website in any way that infringes on the rights of any third party or applicable laws. This includes:

Posting, transmitting, uploading, distributing, linking to, reproducing, scraping, advertising, promoting, and soliciting commercially.

Additionally, you are not allowed to republish, store, fabricate, copy or create derivative works from the content available; modify or edit it; fail to update out-of-date information; publish it for sale; trade it; offer it; lease it; display it publicly; activate its transmission by a third party; distribute it through uploading exchanges; communicate via broadcasting outlets about it without permission from the copyright holder(s); interpret said content to others without authorization or sell advertising related thereto.

Further prohibitions include circulating mail about such material, cloning or tracing said material for distribution (other than authorized backup copies), and framing them via digital copying unless permissibly done under a license agreement and properly documented beforehand. Any sublicensing of such content is strictly prohibited without prior written consent.

Sharing reverse-engineered code snippets taken from legitimate software packages also requires explicit written authorization beforehand, with payment of proper compensation should any discrepancies over the ownership be incorporated.

Decompiling and reverse engineering code used internally shall remain under wraps indefinitely whenever possible whereas translation transcribing deconstruction deciphering stalking monitoring obtaining private copies privacy hijacking colluding linking posting construction remarketing reproduction procuring intercepting plagiarising building circling deep linking rebranding cloning imitating proceeding organizing harvesting initiating participating supplementing tracking crawling spidering indexing planting prompting reorganizing loading running diverting sifting identifying developing reproducing transforming accumulating duplicating snooping appearing gathering augmenting circulating monetizing appropriating scavenging filching pinching ransacking invading conversing stealing pinpointing scrutinizing hunting uncovering assimilating relocating exploiting infiltrating waltzing eagle scouting hovering rummaging prospecting barginging gleaning peering examining catting frisking plagiarizing ruminating burrowing overbearing battening usurping commissioneering snatching tripping filtering divulging navigating wandering lifting perusing eavesdropping sniffling swiping prying preying voyeurism entering stalking surveying plagiary manipulating marauding photocopying appropriating meddling ferreting mobilizing prowling designing buying researching probing analyzing rustling poking scanning spotting spying deconstructing dissectin​g​​will not be tolerated either.