Abdol Rauf in Maafushi beach, Maldives

Woah, you’re here

It means you’ve probably visited TravelingRauf for the first time. So, I welcome you to the site from the depth of my heart.

I’m Abdol Rauf, a freelance writer & internet entrepreneur trying to embark on digital semi-nomadic life. View my best travel photos.

My writings for my websites and clients have attracted over 1 million pageviews across the globe.

I founded TravelingRauf to share exciting information about lovely destinations, islands, digital nomadic life, planning trips, and travel experiences. I also share the best travel deals and tour packages.

I love traveling because I believe it gives meaning to life. And I also love making money online at the same time. 

Have you ever wondered these questions:

  • How can I get money to travel the world?
  • Which countries and islands are the best for a holiday?
  • How should I travel on a budget with my family?
  • What are the top traveling products I should buy?

I’ve learned a lot of things to achieve my traveling and hustling goals. Long story short; I did it!

And I’m still doing it. I’m also helping people to do the same with this website and AbdolRauf.Com, respectively. 

Things weren’t always like that.

Before offering freelance content writing services at the start of 2020, I worked as a school teacher, marketing guy for a smartphone company, biryani seller, and whatnot!

I also volunteered for some NGOs in Pakistan and founded the Society for Youth Development & Peace to bring peace to my community. 

But I always wondered if I could do a location-free job and write about whatever I like. This way, my wife Aqsa and I can work remotely from anywhere worldwide while caring for our two cuties, Shahvaiz and Shahmeer, with spunk!

So I started writing blog posts for my clients and making good money. That was when I thought I could fulfill my long-time passion for traveling and blogging. I immediately created this site and started traveling. 

I’ve explored three countries: Pakistan, UAE, and the Maldives! And I plan to explore at least 30 countries with my family. Jump in because it’s just the beginning!

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