You must have seen overwater villas in the Maldives or Bora Bora, and now you are wondering, “Are there any overwater bungalows in the US?” It’s one of the reasons why visit the Maldives for many. 

Well, the answer is that overwater bungalows are rare in America. So, there are almost no overwater bungalows in the USA, for they require a lot of maintenance costs. The only exception is Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.

But worry not; I’ll share some waterfront options to get the sun warming your face. Also, you can discover many beaches and places like the Maldives in the US

Plus, I’ll share the best all-inclusive overwater bungalows near the USA, so you don’t have to travel all the way to the Maldives or Bora Bora. Also, explore these places like the Maldives in the US

Best Overwater Bungalows in the USA

I’ll only share one overwater villa in the US: Disney’s Polynesia Village Resort

1/ Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Located in sunny Florida, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is home to the only overwater bungalows in the USA. This exceptional resort combines island charm with Disney magic, making it the perfect destination for a family vacation.

The village resort offers some of the best overwater bungalows in the USA for families with all the modern amenities.

With enough space to accommodate up to eight people, each bungalow has a private deck, full kitchen, and even a plunge pool for fun!

Guests staying at the Polynesian Resort Bungalows can also enjoy top-notch amenities from the Deluxe Disney Resort experience. 

The resort boasts two swimming pools with a thrilling water slide, ensuring endless entertainment for the entire family.

Also, the convenient location provides easy access to all Disney Parks. It offers stunning views of the captivating Electrical Water Pageant, a nightly spectacle that lights up the Seven Seas Lagoon.

For those interested in exploring the resort’s surroundings, motorized boat rentals are available for a delightful excursion on the water.

Affordable All-inclusive Overwater Bungalows Near USA

As I have already told you, overwater villas are rare in the US. But you can find a lot of Maldives-like overwater experiences near the USA. 

2/ Sandals South Coast, Jamaica

Sandals South Coast in Jamaica stands out as one of the finest options for a truly luxurious and unforgettable experience near the US. 

This adults-only resort offers an unrivaled level of luxury. And that makes it the perfect destination for couples seeking a romantic honeymoon or a relaxing retreat.

The Sandals South Coast Resort is renowned for its all-inclusive offerings, ensuring you enjoy every aspect of your stay hassle-free. Each overwater bungalow at the resort is designed with the utmost attention to detail and comfort. 

You’ll be given everything you need to make your stay unforgettable. 

  • Private car and airport transfers.
  • Personalized butler service & room service.
  • In-room bar stocked with premium liquors.

Step inside your bungalow, and you’ll discover an elegant space adorned with vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, a king-sized bed, and a spa-style bathroom. 

The interior design exudes luxury, providing an idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. And you’ll also find an extended sun deck complete with a private outdoor shower, a cozy bistro set for two, and comfortable sun loungers. 

And there are nine on-site restaurants and seven bars (including swim-up bars), so you enjoy eating and drinking like never before. 

As for things to do there, you can partake in exciting water sports or catch live shows for an evening of entertainment.

2/ Sandals Grande St Lucian

Sandals Grande St. Lucian is a resort located on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. It offers overwater bungalows perfect for couples seeking a romantic and enchanting destination. 

St. Lucia’s breathtaking beauty adds to the allure of Sandals Grande St. Lucian as a romantic destination. You can stroll along the sandy beaches or explore the vibrant marine life while snorkeling or scuba diving. 

El Dorado Maroma is another option if St. Lucia is too far.

4/ El Dorado Maroma, Mexico

El Dorado Maroma is an all-inclusive, adults-only resort offering exclusive overwater bungalows known as Palafitos. These overwater bungalows are near the US on the pristine shores of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. 

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The accommodations offer unobstructed views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea, creating an idyllic setting for honeymooners.

El Dorado Maroma is renowned for its:

  • Exceptional service.
  • Gourmet dining options.
  • And world-class spa services.

With direct access to the ocean, guests can indulge in various water-based activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. The natural beauty, luxurious amenities, and privacy make El Dorado Maroma the perfect choice for honeymooners.

5/ Thatch Caye, Belize

Nestled off the coast of Belize, Thatch Caye is a secluded private island resort offering breathtaking overwater bungalows. And it only takes 4-5 hours to reach there in Belize from the US. 

Surrounded by lush mangroves, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs, Thatch Caye offers an intimate environment.

Each overwater bungalow is designed with eco-friendly materials to enjoy a guilt-free, luxurious experience. The resort also offers a range of exciting activities for couples, such as fishing, scuba diving, and exploring the nearby Great Blue Hole.

6/ CocoCay, Bahamas

CocoCay in the Bahamas is a Royal Caribbean private island with many things to do. You can stay in luxurious overwater bungalows as part of their Perfect Day at CocoCay experience.

These bungalows are exclusively accessible via Royal Caribbean cruises, making them even more special. 

Imagine having your private sun deck, an overwater hammock, and direct access to the crystal-clear ocean. Relax and immerse yourself in the breathtaking surroundings. 

And that’s not all – CocoCay offers thrilling activities like zip-lining, water slides, and snorkeling. All these things to do in CocoCay ensure non-stop excitement for adventure-loving honeymooners like you. 

It’s a perfect blend of luxury and adventure, creating unforgettable memories. And it’s one of the closest overwater bungalow destinations to the US, adding convenience to your dream getaway. 

7/ Cayo Espanto, Belize

Another breathtaking private island resort in Belize, Cayo Espant, offers honeymooners an exclusive and intimate experience. 

With only seven overwater & beachfront villas on the island, each features a private plunge pool and personal butler service. You can enjoy unparalleled privacy and luxury in Cayo Espanto. 

Cayo Espanto’s overwater bungalows near the US offer direct access to the Caribbean Sea. That’s why you can easily explore vibrant marine life through snorkeling or scuba diving. 

Also, the resort offers bespoke experiences such as private beach picnics, sunset cruises, and spa treatments. 

The combination of exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, and personalized experiences make Cayo Espanto a top choice for couples seeking a secluded and romantic getaway.

8/ Aruba Ocean Villas

Aruba Ocean Villas is a unique and luxurious boutique resort located in the small town of Savaneta, Aruba. 

The resort boasts Aruba’s only overwater and beach villas near the US, offering stunning views of the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea.

They’re designed with high-end amenities and are perfect for couples and families. 

The resort offers spacious accommodations with two types of villas available: Overwater Bungalows and Beach Villas. 

The Overwater Bungalows offer direct access to the sea with a private deck, while the Beach Villas provides easy access to the resort’s private beach. Modern amenities include air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and more. 

Aruba Ocean Villas also features an onsite restaurant, a private beach area with free beach cabanas, and a beach bar. Guests can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing at the resort’s private beach. 

Also, the resort offers massage services, airport transportation, and car rental services upon request.

The resort is located away from Aruba’s high-rise hotel district, providing a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. It is also close to attractions such as Mangel Halto Beach and Aruba Golf Club. 

9/ Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge, Panama

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge is a unique eco-resort in the beautiful Panama Archipelago. It will take about around 5 hours to reach Panama from the US. 

The Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge offers a unique vacation experience with stilted bungalows directly over the water. They provide a unique and enchanting ambiance for those seeking a tranquil escape.

The overwater bungalows near the US are made of wood and palm leaves, which provides a rustic yet comfortable environment. Each bungalow has modern amenities such as a private bathroom, a hot water shower, and a private deck. 

There is no Wi-Fi or electricity, but the absence in the bungalows encourages guests to unplug and unwind in a peaceful environment.

The resort also features an open-air restaurant, serving delicious locally sourced meals and cocktails. Guests can enjoy outdoor activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing in the turquoise waters.

The overwater bungalows are built with local materials and utilize solar panels for power generation. The resort also practices rainwater harvesting and employs local staff to support the surrounding community.

10/ Urraca Private Island, Panama

Urraca Private Island is a quiet eco-resort located on a private island in the beautiful Bocas del Toro archipelago in Panama. It’s also one of the top most affordable overwater bungalows near the US. 

The resort’s overwater bungalows are made of wood and feature a rustic decor with modern amenities. Each bungalow offers a private terrace and direct access to the sea, providing guests with a unique experience of waking up on the water. 

The bungalows are built over the water, allowing you to enjoy marine life and turquoise waters. It offers an exclusive and secluded experience, with only a few overwater bungalows for guests. 

You can indulge in snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, hiking, or just relaxing on the beach. The resort also features a full-service spa where guests can get a relaxing massage and other treatments. 

The open-air restaurant at Urraca Private Island serves delicious locally sourced meals, including vegan and vegetarian options, utilizing fresh seafood from the surrounding waters.

The resort uses solar energy to power its facilities and employs a waste management system that ensures proper waste disposal while reducing environmental impact. You can learn more about the resort on its website

11/ Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico

The Rosewood Mayakoba is a luxurious resort located in the heart of Riviera Maya, Mexico. This luxury resort offers a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea, and it’s home to several overwater bungalows that provide guests with an unforgettable vacation experience. 

And mind you – they are some of the best overwater bungalows near the US that offer everything at an affordable price. 

The overwater bungalows at Rosewood Mayakoba are spacious, offering all the modern amenities you need during your lazy beach days. 

Each bungalow offers an outdoor terrace with stunning ocean views and is furnished with chaise lounges, sofas, and a dining table.

The resort features several restaurants, including Agave Azul Sushi & Tequila Bar, Punta Bonita, and La Ceiba. The restaurants serve delicious dishes prepared by Michelin-starred chefs. 

The Rosewood Mayakoba also has a full-service spa offering various treatments and wellness programs. And you can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and swimming in the Caribbean Sea. 

The resort also arranges excursions to explore nearby attractions such as Tulum Ruins, Xel-Ha Natural Park, and Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve.

12/ Azul Paradise Resort, Colombia

Azul Paradise Resort is a breathtaking boutique resort in the tropical paradise of Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro Province, Panama. It is situated on a secluded beach surrounded by lush rainforests, offering a truly immersive natural experience. 

The resort boasts a collection of luxurious bungalows designed to offer you all the modern amenities while blending in with the natural surroundings.

The bungalows near the US at Azul Paradise Resort in Colombia are spacious and stylishly decorated, featuring private balconies and terraces.

Each bungalow has air conditioning, ceiling fans, free Wi-Fi, and an en suite bathroom with hot water showers. Whether you choose the overwater bungalow or the garden-view bungalow, you’ll immerse yourself in a world of luxury and relaxation.

Azul Paradise Resort allows its guests to indulge in various outdoor activities. The resort also features a full-service spa.

And the resort’s open-air restaurant serves delicious seafood and other local dishes made with fresh ingredients from the surrounding area.

One of the highlights of Azul Paradise Resort is its location near the beautiful Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park, home to abundant marine life and several hiking trails through the rainforest.

The resort is also close to popular attractions like Red Frog Beach and Zapatilla Island.

13/ Eclypse De Mar Acque Lodge, Panama

Eclypse De Mar Acque Lodge is another Panama resort offering some of the top all-inclusive overwater bungalows near the US. It is a romantic and secluded eco-resort located on the island of Bastimentos in Bocas del Toro, Panama. 

The resort is perfect for couples who escape from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy a peaceful and romantic getaway.

The overwater bungalows at Eclypse De Mar Acque Lodge are designed with modern amenities such as air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a private bathroom, and a terrace with direct ocean access. 

The bungalows are built over the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and offer guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

The resort’s restaurant serves delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, giving guests a taste of authentic Panamanian cuisine. 

You can also enjoy outdoor activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and beachcombing. Also, the resort offers spa services, including massages, facials, and other treatments.

Eclypse De Mar Acque Lodge is committed to sustainable tourism and is built with eco-friendly materials. The resort uses solar power and a rainwater harvesting system to reduce environmental impact.

The resort also supports the local community by sourcing products from vendors and employing local staff.

14/ Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa

For travelers seeking a beachfront paradise closer to home, Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa is the ideal destination. Situated on the stunning Dickenson Bay Beachfront in Antigua, the all-inclusive resort offers breathtaking views from its beachfront villas.

The resort’s luxurious modern surroundings offer an unforgettable escape from the daily routine. You’ll enjoy a curative spa, kids’ and teens’ clubs, sports, and fitness facilities, daily entertainment, and nightly shows. 

The resort also features six dreamlike overwater bungalows that offer guests a unique and glamorous experience.

Guests at Royalton Antigua can indulge in a variety of dining options at 8 restaurants, enjoy refreshing cocktails at 5 bars, and relax by one of the resort’s 3 swimming pools. 

Also, the resort offers unlimited reservation-free dining, international and local liquors, exciting water sports, and supervised activity-rich kids’ clubs. So, it’s also one of the best kid-friendly overwater bungalows near the US in Antigua. 

The Royal Spa at the resort offers a wide range of treatments that cater to individual needs.

You can choose from various indulgent experiences, including massages, facials, body scrubs, etc. For fitness enthusiasts, Royalton Fit is a modern fitness center with instructor-led classes available.

Final Thoughts for the Overwater Bungalows in the USA

There are no overwater bungalows in the United States. However, fear not, as fantastic options are still nearby that offer a similar experience. 

One example is Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, which provides a taste of the overwater bungalow concept with its luxurious accommodations and enchanting ambiance. Situated in Florida, it offers a unique and immersive experience inspired by the beauty of the South Pacific.

But you will have a commendable variety if you can go for the best overwater bungalows near the US and not within it.

For example, you’ll find breathtaking overwater bungalow resorts in Mexico, Panama, and Belize. 

There are countless factors to choose a travel destination; in this case, it’s the overwater villas. So, enjoy stunning views, private decks, direct access to turquoise waters, and a chance to unwind in pure bliss.

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